What we stand for


First, we want to say thank you for visiting our site. This cause is very important to us.

We are NolArTees a group of students from Edna Karr High school.
We originally started to do a project for Drew Brees and the Idea Village called the Trust your Crazy Ideas Challenge.
After we saw the Mayor talking about the Saving our Sons campaign and the outcry of the city, we thought, “is there anything we can do to help?” That would be Crazy! This helped empower us to try to make a difference.

We know that we need to help save our city and ourselves.

Violence is destroying what everyone loves about Nola.

We want to spread the message of saving our city from the violence. Our project has become more than a project. We are trying to start a movement – good will campaign for New Orleans.

We love the all of people and the places in our city. Visitors love the city. They always talk about the love of the people. TheNOLALOVE.

The cloud of crime is covering up the good about the city

We want to spread the message of NOLALOVE to help focus on the good things instead of the crime.

We want you to support us .We are excited about being a part of the mayor’s vision.

We have seen that a contributing factor to the violence is a lack of good things for kids to do after school. We are putting proceeds from the shirts and stickers to after school arts programs.

The way we are trying to spread the message is with stickers, bumper stickers and t-shirt #NOLALOVE designs.

The number sign on twitter links to a search of all the times it was posted online. We want to make a popular topic. When they look at this topic, it will say all the good things about New Orleans instead of all of its negative features.

Our city deserves to be known as being distinct, in a good way.  We believe this campaign is a long-term strategy to help the city transform from the ground up instead of a quick fix.